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biography: (by jay c. lawrence)



starting his music career in 1978 with his first instrument, a melodica, c/o audience soon got involved in lessons about learning how to play rhythm guitar.

1986 he teached himself bass playing, since a school-band was founded in innsbruck/tirol, and there were already two guitar players at hand.

several music projects like the working brains, mama said..., linoleum deluxe or radiomaria followed, where c/o audience took active part in, not only as a bass player, but also as composer, arranger and singer.

the solo project c/o audience was a natural consequence of experimenting with several other music instruments like drums, keyboard, harp, jew’s harp, flute, etc., and thus trying to broaden the personal music horizon. -

nevertheless, the connection between rhythm and melody have always been treated very carefully, resulting in that characteristic, somehow relaxing, (especially bass-)sounds of c/o audience.


his intense relationship with jane, his beloved ibanez ruby-red bass guitar, dates back to 1991, meanwhile resulting in the 10th anniversary of their first rendezvous this year.

„when i hold her in my arms, it’s like standing at a vast beach scenery on a beautiful summer day; - and touching the strings is like diving into the green ocean...“