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live: site news: (by jay c. lawrence)





sept, 21th 2002:


only two days up to the official release-date of EDELGAS!

and not enough: c/o audience will be playing live, presenting some of the new tracks, on saturday, 28th of september, appr. 8:30 p.m., at the new rathausgalerie innsbruck, in the scope of the ‘architekturtage 2002‘, which are held throughout austria on the 27th and 28th september this year (check also: http://www.architekturtage.at/).

see you there!



aug, 30th 2002:


now it’s out: ‘EDELGAS‘, the new album of c/o audience will be released in mid-september ’02.

it will be completely different from the ‘kŕtaiko‘-album: radically danceable and powerful from the first to the last track.

c/o audience worked on it from june last year till this year’s spring, mostly at the children’s room laboratory and at the datarecords base center studio, both located in innsbruck/ tirol/ austria.


so, wait and check the new album, when it’s out soon, or read >> more info.



jan, 8th 2002:


hi! back again after the christmas-break, i’ll report on the legendary live-concert of c/o audience and Scientific Fly from december, 18th 2001:


first of all, i have to say that the gig was one of the most intense i’ve ever witnessed. both guys, I.C.HIR and A:tapani.doc, were really sound on that special day, and they kept the flow throughout the whole evening. -


the gig was splitted into three parts:

the first presenting Scientific Fly with their - up to that date - latest improvisational work, the second (after a break) c/o audience, a.o. with ‘catastrophe‘, ’wissen & sagen‘ & highly awaited ’winter‘; and at the end, again, Scientific Fly with some of their greatest hits, such as ’we all‘ or ’for the first time‘.

after the audience encored for some minutes, both artists returned onto the stage and performed the likely highlight of the concert: a vocal-joik-number, that really got under my skin.


throughout, visuals like the famous ’ceiling phantoms‘-sequence, shots from the ‘kŕtaiko‘-album or ’a18-world map 1‘ were projected on every wall defining the spatial sphere, wherin the music was flowing. beyond that, during the break between part one and part two, one could watch the legendary Scientifc Fly music-videos ’prairie nights, golden sun‘ and ’where are you?‘, as well as c/o audience’s prize-winning video ‘sowi site noise‘.

all visual artwork was provided by stk (c/o audience), and it, undoubtedly, contributed to let that live-performance become an unforgettable, all-senses-attracting event.


there exists an unofficial live video-/ music-bootleg, that will be published one day; datarecords confirmed me that, but added: „...only when the time is ripe“.


well, that was it for today. i’ll keep you informed about the latest site news of c/o audience; - as promised!



nov, 12th 2001:


now it’s fixed: the date of the double-concert (Scientific Fly and c/o audience) is december, the 18th, at the ‘kulturgasthaus bierstindl‘ in innsbruck, appr. 9:00 p.m..

so, don’t miss it!



from september, 29th 2001:


some time has passed now, and it seems that the everyday-life has somehow superseded the catastrophe; - at least so far... anyway, it's time to talk about music again, because to me and to many others music is the best way to express feelings/ emotions, or to communicate with the outside world. - whatever might go on in one's own inner shell.


meanwhile, c/o audience confirmed me, that the latest album 'kŕtaiko' is exactly what he felt at the time playing and recording it, and still does. - music that comes deep from the heart and soul, and thus touches the listener emotionally.


but still, we owe you the latest news about any c/o audience-live-gigs. - well, at the moment it seems that there might be a special live-party in november or december this year, where c/o audience and Scientific Fly are going to appear and perform together. - an event, that should not be missed by anyone! check out the next infos about the exact dates, just right here at this page!



sept.,16th 2001:


since these terrible attacks in new york and washington happened, there's more important things to life than music.

so, c/o audience took also some time to quit the everyday routine, and think about what happened there really. - anyway, it's horrible for all those involved on that 11th-september-catastrophe, even for those 'only' watching these unbelievable, and somehow surreal, scenes on tv.


we'll come back again, when the time is right for such comparably unimportant issues like music, life performances, and such, again. in the meantime, we think of all the victims.

- bye for now.



july 2001:


now, c/o audience is not only tampering with melodics and rhythmics in the studio, but also sometimes performing live; - rarely enough, but though!


we inform you about the newest live dates here at this page, as soon as any information gets through.

what we definitely know is, that c/o audience has in mind to perform anytime in early autumn this year, probably at a special site in innsbruck/tirol, his actual hometown, maybe in combination with the official presentation of kŕtaiko, the new cd. - we keep the audience posted, anyway...


the setup of c/o audience-live is the following:

bass guitar (jane), drum computer, speaker system, and usually a spice of rare ingredients: sometimes guest musicians (e.g. 1998 in pradl: with hannes reichholf), sometimes special additional instruments, sometimes visual appetizers (- whatever that means... -).


so, be prepared for the latest hints at c/o audience performing live!